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A stone of courage + communication

Empowers on to self search and find our own truths and integrity and move beyond judgements. Provides the freedom to express thoughts and feelings (enhancing communication on all levels). Soothes and calms trauma and self defeating behaviors. Alleviates worry and fear and builds our self esteem.

Ancient cultures have long assigned special energetic qualities and traits to crystals and precious stones, with use in ceremonies and traditions across centuries.  INDA Creations’ Crystal Pendants carry the stories and symbols of ancient traditions into the new millennium, in fashionable works of art that are as unique as you.

Wear the strength and symbol of Earthen energy around your neck with an original crystal pendant, thousands of years in the making. Each piece is handmade and uniquely styled to honor the natural art of each stone.

No two INDA Creations Crystal Pendants are alike - we say there’s no better expression of your individuality.  Choose from adjustable vegan leather loops (in one of four colors), or elegant lacquered brass chain.

Please note that all crystal jewelry pieces are one of a kind and made to order : please allow up to two weeks to ship. 

We recommend avoiding contact with water, perfumes and lotions while wearing your crystals. Crystals are semi precious and delicate and thus can be vulnerable to shattering or breaking if handled carelessly. Handle with care.

We hope provide inspiration for utilizing crystals in your own way and for your own meaning. Note that crystal meanings are meant for spiritual supports to self healing and are not replacements for medical treatments, prescriptions or healthcare information.


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