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INDA Creations, is a handmade jewelry and holistic healing company.  INDA aims to enhance and amplify the wellness journey with tools for healing and symbols of self-care, inspired by Mother Earth.

We curate fashion-forward styles for souls who wear their stories of trust, transformation, and perseverance as boldly as they live them.  Channeling the healing powers of nature, INDA Creations works in partnership with one family-owned organic farm in Stockbridge, Vermont, whose natural herbs and flowers are featured in more than half of INDA Creations’ product line.

Today, INDA Creations shares fashionable symbols and nature-inspired products as sources of strength, self-healing and protection. From crystals to plant-based products, INDA’s product line channels reverence for Mother Earth to connect modern journeyers to sources of both inner and worldly healing. And, like Mauro’s chance encounter with her special charm in the woods of Vermont, INDA Creations believes in breathing to life the stories of hope and love that we each carry deep within us. 


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Caroline Mauro, the founder and chief curator of INDA Creations, knows the visual power and emotional influence of curated design. An accomplished fashion stylist and art director with 10 years of experience across New York City and Boston, Mauro has styled looks for NBC’s The Today Show, Columbia Records Music Artists, ABC’s The View and TLC’s What Not to Wear.

But after the sudden loss of a close personal friend, Mauro was searching for solace and closure when she retreated to the healing woods of Vermont for support.  As she asked for a sign or message from her lost friend, Mauro stumbled upon a small pendant in the exact image of that very friend’s tattoo, and placed it on the necklace she was wearing. Finding renewed strength and personal healing, INDA Creations was born.

Caroline Mauro is a former fashion stylist for Barneys New York (E-Commerce Division) and a former Senior Stylist and Art Director at Ruelala in Boston, where she worked with hundreds of brands. A yogi, hiker and nature enthusiast, Caroline is also a lover of travel. She gathers design inspiration, as well as her jewelry’s stones and crystals, from her global adventures. When she is not traveling, she splits residency between Boston, Massachusetts and the organic farm in Stockbridge, Vermont where her small-production herbs and flowers are grown and harvested with love.

Caroline sets to use her creativity to aid in healing, spread positivity and love and help amplify spiritual development and personal growth.