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INDA Creations is a holistic healing company that focuses on the healing powers of nature - plant medicine and crystals.  INDA aims to enhance and amplify the wellness journey with tools for healing and symbols of self-care, inspired by Mother Earth.

We specialize in original design and responsibly-sourced materials to craft meaningful pieces and products evoking free spirited individuality, conscious living and the energy of the Divine Feminine.  Channeling the healing powers of nature, INDA Creations works in partnership with a family owned farm in Vermont whose natural herbs and flowers are infused in over half of all product offerings.

Today, INDA Creations shares fashionable symbols and nature-inspired products as sources of strength, self-healing and protection.  We curate fashion-forward styles and products for souls who wear their stories of trust, transformation, and perseverance as boldly as they live them.  From crystals to plant-based products, INDA’s product line channels reverence for Mother Earth to connect modern journeyers to sources of both inner and worldly healing. And, like Mauro’s chance encounter with her special charm in the woods of Vermont, INDA Creations believes in breathing to life the stories of hope and love that we each carry deep within us. 

INDA Creations and its products have been featured by the below press outlets.  Additionally, INDA can be found at the following festivals and pop ups as a featured vendor : Wanderlust Festival, Wild Vibes Festival, Desert Daze Festival, Cannabis Feminist's Bake Sale, Artist & Fleas (Venice), Sedona Yoga Festival, San Diego Yoga Festival, OWA Boston, The Yoga Expo LA, Renegade Craft Festival, Artisanal LA + The Unique Market





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