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Amazonite Bolo

$ 45.00

A stone of courage + communication

Empowers on to self search and find our own truths and integrity and move beyond judgements. Provides the freedom to express thoughts and feelings (enhancing communication on all levels). Soothes and calms trauma and self defeating behaviors. Alleviates worry and fear and builds our self esteem.

Multi-Functional. Versatile. Crystal-Chic. Borrowing from the bolo tie of American Western tradition, Marrying fashion with function, the INDA Creations Bolo Necklace features twin crystals hand-faceted by wire to 100% vegan leather. The rest is up to you: the Bolo Necklace can be worn in many unique styles with a simple flick of the wrist.

From necklace to throw-back choker, wrap bracelet or hair tie, the Bolo Necklace can be reinvented as often as you re-invent yourself, fellow wandresses. This piece tells a story with you, and for you, as you wear it.

Which of our crystal options is for you? Pair your energetic intentions with Bolo Necklaces designed for self-care, protection, intuition, courage, and more. Couple crystals with choices in vegan leather in four colors.

How to Wear It (or Invent Your Own Way!)

  1. The Long-Knotted Necklace
  2. The Wrapped Choker
  3. The Thread-Through
  4. The Wrap Bracelet
  5. The Hair Tie
  6. The Head Wrap

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