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INDA's Coachella 2017 Event Picks

We love to see that collectively as a society we are now endorsing conscious consumption, plant medicine, mindfulness, holistic therapies, environmental awareness, and dedication toward one’s spiritual, social, and emotional wellbeing in the festival our opinion, it's about damn time!   Wellness stepping into the spotlight only seems like a natural extension to much of festival culture. This allows us to discover that wellness both fosters and thrives in community and promotes relaxation and rejuvenation instead of partying and exhaustion.  We must take care of our temples, INDA Queens!

Here is a list of events that we are particularly excited about at Coachella:


Spritual Gangster's Zen Den 
April 14, 15, 15. Relax & Rejuvenate at Spiritual Gangster’s Zen Den this Coachella. The 3-day event will feature refreshing hip hop yoga sessions, a festival-ready pop-up shop, inspirational aura readings & more!

Wellness Center @ Coachella Grounds Weekend 1 + 2. If you’re wound up or stressed out, visit Coachella's wellness team for a relaxing few minutes of tranquility in the heart of the camp hub. Located next to the activities tent, the spa offers massage chairs ($1 per minute).

Weedmaps' Oasis 
April 14, 15, 16.  Weedmaps — described as "the Yelp of weed" — has teamed up with digital marketing agency Talent Resources to bring a "Weed Oasis" to the desert, where between 250-300 VIP guests will have the opportunity to visit the five geodesic domes, each of which will provide guests a unique "cannabis experience" with "budtenders" on hand to make recommendations. The Oasis will also have photo and gaming lounges as well as party games like Jenga, ping pong and cornhole. 

Topshop and Topman's Retreat
April 16th, the relaxation continues at Topshop and Topman's retreat at the Korakia Hotel. Yoga session followed by a poolside brunch, massages, facials and meditation sessions

CannaSpa for Lupos Support
April 21, 22. CannaSpa at Coachella, Cannabis & Culinary's wellness and lifestyle event which promotes cannabis-infused foods and services like yoga and art, is bringing Chef for Higher to Indio for a "dope" four-course dinner party on Friday between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.  
Day one will feature a Canna Art class, Canna Yoga instruction, and the decadent dinner described above.  Day two, CannaSpa will host a CannaCocktails event at a private Indio estate featuring a variety of beverages and foods from 10 canna chefs.


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