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INDA WANDERS - Tips For Gypsy Living

On any given week, INDA is routinely in different states and some weeks, different parts of the country.  In less than a year - Utah, Vermont and outside of the country, in Nicaragua during our Central America stint with lots of traveling in between. With a caravan full of our open market items, crystals spilling out of every purse and corner and an impermanent place of "home", life on the go can get rough.  

To counter these challenges, we have developed some great survival methods and tips to keep your mind, body and spirit in check, protect your gypsy soul on the road + stay well and grounded on your travels.  Keep checking the INDA WANDERS section for recurring tips we will share with you!

Create a Wellness Regimen

We find we have to create a sense of home within ourselves and for ourselves, to stay healthy and grounded on the road.  To do this, maintaining a wellness schedule is crucial - we cannot stress this enough.  If meditation is a part of your daily routine, tune into yourself wherever you are!  Last year, my partner and I had the privilege of learning Transcendental Meditation (a technique for inner peace and wellness) from Bob Roth in NYC.  We were required to meditate twice a day for 30 minutes a day.  With busy schedules, market appointments, stone hunts and trying to cram tribe catch ups into one day, it seemed nearly impossible to take on.  Yet we still made time for it - even in a taxi cab on the way to the workshop!  We recommend this amazing TM workshop as well as the book, Mindfulness on the Go, to aid you in your meditation practices while traveling.  

Yoga too, is a huge part of our release and mindful maintenance - and we make the space for it whenever we can, wherever we can.  Below is a great and slightly silly example of us getting our yoga on at the airport as well as some city rooftop yoga!  We also recommend YogaGlo, an online yoga app that allows you to take yoga classes of all levels wherever you are (for just $18/month).


Immersing ourselves in nature and grounding and connecting to Mother Earth is also a part of our wellness practice.  If long meditative walks are important to you, make time for them.  If being near the water makes your heart feel happy, find an ocean, stream or river!  We recently went to Bonaroo festival and while it was an amazing time, we all know how overwhelming festivals can be.  From mass crowds to scorching heat, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle and lose your sense of normalcy.  Ironically, one of the highlights of our trip was leaving the festival grounds to explore local watering holes and wander in the woods in Tennessee, pictured below. 

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