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INDA WANDERS - Nicaragua


The Healing Power of Travel + Mother Earth // Wild Wild NICA Edition

I can't help but look back at the journey and blessings last year brought us.  After a decade spent in the fashion industry, I was feeling burnt out and desperately needed a reset to connect with myself and Mother Nature and an inspiring setting to help me further establish my vision for INDA.  Enter Nicaragua. When I packed my bags, got rid of out apartment, sold most of my belongings and hopped on a plane, I never thought I could come back so profoundly affected.  Everything I was searching for I received, with overwhelming abundance.  



My life in Nicaragua was ruled by Mother Earth - ruled by the tides, ruled by the the moonlight that guided us at night, ruled by the sunsets that stopped us in our tracks - you stop anything and everything to see those breath taking sunsets, ruled by the howlers monkeys who we woke up with at 5am (whether I liked it or not), ruled by windy season that took our power and connectivity with her (which ended up being a blessing every.single.time.), ruled by the harsh midday climate where we happily sought shelter and enjoyed a cold one with our friends, ruled by the reactions from the best guard dog Luna who protected us from anything that could put us in harms way.

I ache for the beautiful people there too, who made it even more special....the kind locals who never stopped smiling despite their misfortunes, the wanderers + the creatives who provided endless inspiration, and the expats who settled there, have chosen to live life differently and helped teach us the NICA way....THANK YOU.

Unplugging was not a choice but rather a way of life there. It was such an important and invaluable lesson for me to stop and listen to our planet and her creatures, appreciate her greatness, be mindful for her and bask in her glory.  The trips into town from the beach jungle we lived on to get groceries were sometimes dreaded but now greatly missed (haggling, lost in translation moments and hauling your goods to the beach was truly an adventure every time). I miss buying whole Pali chickens and eating them on the beach with our hands. I miss pizza night with all of the other wanderers + locals where we would come together and have communal meals and enjoy each other's company.  I miss the most special beach and micro community I stumbled upon (not really, the universe brought us there) where I met friends of all ages who took care of me, showed us how to live and opened their hearts to me. From inviting me to barrio get togethers to spending nights together without power, playing music out of conch shells and hula hooping like we were kids again and cooking us fresh caught fish from the sea - all unforgettable memories. I especially miss solo rock collecting hunts for hours on that special beach, nude swims + thinking the beach was packed if more than 10 people were on it. I miss that the ocean was repeatedly the best shower I had in an entire 2.5 months.  I try not to mention this special place for fear it will someday become something different, too many peoples special secret …I miss that every. single. day. there and every single task was such an adventure. Heart thumping rides ripping around on Motos to get around and packing 20 people in the back of a pick up to get us all to pizza night - leave no man behind!

I will be forever grateful for the rawness and vulnerability this place brought into my heart. It taught me so much and reminded us what matters most - traveling to new places and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, connecting and building relationships with other special humans, gratitude and of course immersion, connecting and creating with Nature and Mother Earth, the pillars of our soul child, INDA.

From a trip to Denver + Boulder to meet like minded creatives and collaborators, a visit to our special gem shop Gypsum Rose and our favorite Western mountain town to a journey to the Tuscon Gem Show , we've a packed schedule of wandering for 2017 too.  Something tells us a trip back to Nica in order too....the love affair continues 

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