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INDA WANDERS - Wanderlust Festival Stratton, VT 2017

We are so excited to announce that we are a featured vendor at Wanderlust Stratton!

Wanderlust Festivals are all-out celebrations of mindful living.  A remarkable group of yoga and meditation instructions, musicians, speakers, chefs and attendees come together for a transformational experience at the world’s most beautiful mountain resorts. You can explore new ideas, make new friends, discover new abilities and dance your heart out.  Below is a recap from our festival experience a few years back..

I was a ticket holder to Wanderlust Stratton just a few years ago when INDA was in it’s infancy and was so moved by the entire experience.  I went with my soul sister Jessica, founder of Vayda Girl  headbands, and dreamed that once day I would vend there.  And just a few years later, here we are, invited to be a featured vendor at their Kula marketplace where you can shop locally produced, hand-crafted goods from dozens of vendor.  

Some of the highlights included a mountain top yoga class…the platform may has well have been built in the clouds.  It was an hour and a half of pure bliss, a soul lifting and life changing class that radiated community and positivity, taught by Dana Trixie Lynn founder of Laughing Lotus Yoga.  

Camping there was so much fun!  We had some initial struggles getting our tent up and a perfect stranger at our campsite ended up helping us out who is know one of my closest friends.  The spirit and energy of all of the festival go-ers there is truly collaborative, kind, loving and supportive, all savoring the sense of belonging and unity quickly cultivated in this amazing environment.

We also did a Kundalini  yoga workshop that was a challenging but moving lesson on intimacy.  The teachers asked perfect strangers to find a partner in the room and stare into their eyes, holding their stare for several minutes.  As people’s vulnerability and discomfort melted, it became a powerful exercise for all.  Many were moved to tears and as intense as it was, we all left feeling touched, cleansed and smiling. 

Another great component to the festival was the music.  Trevor Hall was a huge highlight but one of our favorite experiences were the pop up shows that came about…8 piece jazz bands popped out of alleys as we were walking home to our campsite.  It rained that night but no one paid any mind as we dance and twirled next to the musicians.

Intimate fireside talks and sessions, ACRO yoga, stand up paddle yoga, sunrise yoga with DJ Drez, collaborative art like the sand mandala's below and of course the extensive organic food options and incredible craft vendors…so many talented artisans, conscious brands and amazingly yummy healthy food!

I can’t say enough great things about the festival - our excitement is bubbling over!  Please join us on this transformational 4 day experience, immerse yourself in nature with us and surround yourself with a beautiful community of like minded humans! 


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