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Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly During the Holidays


Did you know holiday shopping can mean overworked and underpaid laborers? Toxic dyes in our water ways? Impulse buys that people no longer want which end up in our landfills, polluting our oceans and cluttering our homes? Did you also know that household waste increases about 25% starting in November and lasting through New Years Day?  This could easily be cut in half with a few small changes.  Read on for our suggestions below!

Limit Your Waste with Grocery Shopping

Bring your own reusable bags from home. Skip the vegetable bags, and twisty ties. Or shop at a Farmers Market, and try to buy locally. In some states plastic bags aren't given out free with your groceries, so this one might save you money too!

Turn off your Holiday Lights & Decorations

We're not saying to skip the Christmas lights, we're just saying to turn them off before you head to bed, and make sure they are off in the daylight.  Bonus points if you buy LED Lights too! This will use up to 80% more energy, and they will last up to 10 years longer.

Use Eco-friendly Wrapping Alternatives

This is the easiest of all. Instead of spending more and buying new wrapping paper use old posters, newspapers, cookie tins, or cloth! If you are looking for an alternative to holiday gift bags we recommend re-usable gift bags...pretty soon your whole family will be passing around new and fun re-usable holiday bags.

Give a Gift-Card or Gift From Local and Indie brands!

Gift cards cut back on the clutter that comes with receiving un-wanted or un-needed gifts, and gives the receiver the chance to get exactly what they wanted!! Shopping local means your supporting small businesses like ours, based in the US.  This helps to cut down significantly on packaging and fuel used to transport gifts from other countries.  Most chains, big box stores and online giants, make sourcing products at the lowest possible price a top priority. Their products tend to be mass-produced and sell themselves on cheapness which makes for enormous environmental impacts. TVs, lawnmowers, appliances for example (formerly built to last many years or decades of normal use and were worth fixing when problems arose), now end up in landfills after short lifespans. This cycle consumes land, releases more toxins into our environment and creates far more waste and pollution from manufacturing low-quality goods rather than durable products.

Only use Bio-Degradable Items When Entertaining

You don't need zip-lock bags, plastic wrap, foil, or even plastic Tupperware. This one can be solved a few different ways. Wrap up leftovers in a glass dish topped with a re-usable lid, or a Wax-Wrap.  Send food to go in these reusable wax sandwich bags we swoon over!  This can be a Holiday gift in itself, and your guests might love it too!  When it comes to the rest of your food waste, compost it, or save the re-usable stuff for later.

Send E-Cards & Evites Instead

Save yourself time, and the world a bit of paper waste by sending a customized digital car or invitation instead.  

There are countless ways to conserve resources and cut back on waste during the holiday season, and if you have some of your own feel free to comment them down below! Every amount helps!


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