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Creating a Well Home

Well Summit Recap // Creating a Well Home

The Well Summit, a day of Wellness in Boston this past Saturday was a great opportunity to connect with like minded ladies and learn more about how to live a healthy life.  Topics included "Simplifying and Detoxifying your Self Care With Essential Oils” by Casey Von Iderstein, founder of Karmic Wellness , “Bringing Life into Sacred Balance” by Asha Ramakrishna , soul + business mentor of Asha is Now, (we calculated our unique theme for this year using an ancient Japanese tool based on 9 year cycles) and "How I Overcame a Stroke at 36 to Become the Healthiest Version of Myself Both Mind and Body" by Jessica Diaz, co founder of  Ms. Fit for Society.

One of our favorite break out sessions was “Creating a Well Home” by Emily Kanter , Second Generation Co-Owner of Cambridge Naturals, who spoke about her journey to uncover the dangers of hidden household toxins, including endocrine disruptors and neurotoxins, and the impact they have on our long term health. She offered us easy and effective tips for how to "spring clean" them out of every room in your home, creating a space that brings you joy and deep wellbeing.  She had a wealth of knowledge to share!   She took us through room to room in a household and expanded what products would help and hurt your journey to creating a well home.  Two startling statistics we learned (read below) only reinforced our willingness to share the information Emily provided us. 

"There are 85,000 synthetic chemicals introduced to the environment….only 7% are tested for effects on human health and only a handful of substances have been banned by the Safe Chemical Act."

"The average human body is considered toxic waste when dead"

...Yikes!  Use the below tips and suggestions for creating a well home, body and life!


-In faucet water filter or charcoal stick 

-Beeswax or pyrex

-Cast iron pans instead of teflon

-Alcohol based sanitizers if you must (recommended Clean Well)

-Citra solv cleaners (good on dirt, grease and good on clothes if diluted)

-Wool Balls in dyer

-Cook at home (subscription food boxes are wasteful because of extensive packaging and shipping), buy in bulk and mix and match recipes that have the same ingredients

-Vinegar works well for glass surfaces and windows



-Replace pain relievers like Advil and Tylenol with natural pain relievers like Tumeric Supreme Pain Supplments by Gaia Herbs

-Nail Polish, use Mineral Fusion

-Invest in Natracare tampons or a diva cup

-All natural deodorant recommendations (swears they work!)

        Schmidts Naturals, Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream, Lulu Organic

-Mascara, use Jane Iredale

-Toothpaste - mineral based tooth pasta 



-Aromatherapy diffuser


-Candle (non GMO soy and beeswax, we recommend our friends at Soy Much Brighter, and of course our palo santo and wildflower smudge wands (pictured below) !

-Fair trade/certified rugs

        West Elm and School House Electric were recommended



-Throw away dinnerware, use VerTerra

-Organic GMO free alcohol

-Kombucha or sugar free mixers




-Condoms, use Sustain (organic)

-Safe laundry detergent

Simply Co. and Common Good were recommended

-Organic cotton sheets


Aluminum Compounds



Coal Tar


Nano Partciles



+ the list goes on



Cambridge Naturals

Protect Our Breasts

Silent Spring

Detox Me (app)

Thinking Dirty (app)

Made Safe

EWG/Skin Deep

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

B Corporation

The Human Experience (Film)

No More Dirty Looks (Book)

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