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A Poem by @Queen.of.Cappy

We were so moved by a recent Instagram post we were tagged in, we wanted to share it with you all.  One of our customers posted this lovely picture of her INDA Necklace with the accompanying poem and it truly moved us.  Over the moon that we get to connect with such inspiring people on our journey to healing + hear their stories - it truly is the reason why we do, what we do!


August 2, 2016: I repeat myself over and over and over again. What do I need to release? Again. What do I need to release? Again. Here I sit with aloe slathered on my face. Indulging in green. Green heart. Green plant. Green hope. I sit in a field in my head in my bed. With a white picket fence and a white circled snake. Just as they always are. We sit. Circle. Me and my young child me. Me and my goddesses. I ask the universe one more time, I ask myself one more time, I ask my goddesses one more time. Flip cards over and over and split them in three and then one more time. Finally, it feels right. Pull card. And I start to cry. August 1, 2016--What seeds am I planting? Reversed seven of cups. August 2, 2016-- What do I need to release? Seven of cups. I cry. I am affirmed. The magic is me. I must release illusions of gold and glamour as fantasy. Take action with my lion heart and my sea goat knees. Drag the creative head from clouds to farm a foundation. Plant seeds of dreams you want to see. 


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