June 10, 2020

Black Lives Matter

First and foremost, we stand next to our Black brothers + sisters in the fight to end systematic racism, inequality and police brutality. INDA was inspired by one word : healing…and true planetary healing begins within but can ONLY be achieved as a collective. We are not there yet.

We have been and will continue to listen, learn (and dissect + check my own white privilege), educate ourselves and better understand how we can best support the Black community (listening, awareness, and most of all lasting action continued to show up throughout this process). We recognize that it is a privilege to *educate* ourselves on racism instead of e x p e r i e n c e it. We understand that we will never fully understand or comprehend how the Black community feels now, and has felt for generations, but we promise to do our best to support and take action.

We simply cannot address social injustice and racism without demanding reform in the cannabis industry, an industry that has marginalized + oppressed BIPOC people since the war on drugs. This industry routinely contributes to the systemic oppression of racism, built off of the same community it oppresses. The drug war has produced profoundly unequal outcomes across racial groups (i.e. racial discrimination by law enforcement and disproportionate drug war misery suffered by communities of color). The racial disparity within cannabis arrests is inexcusable, deplorable and unacceptable. Black peers are 4x more likely to get arrested for cannabis charges than white peers. 80% of people serving time for federal drug offenses are Black or Latino. Additionally, under 1 in 5 cannabis businesses nationwide are minority-owned. The statistics are staggering, and taking a stronger stance on social equity and criminal justice reform is just one of the many ways we can help. As an industry, we should be ashamed and we need to do better.

We believe that the collective consciousness is healing and most importantly rising but it won’t happen without *sustained* efforts. Social consciousness is real and thriving and protesting has already led to reform. Let’s continue to educate ourselves and share with others (books, podcasts, documentaries, following thought leaders etc), attend a march, purchase from and support Black small businesses, donate, vote at the polls + with our dollars, write to our politicians + petition, call out racism and bigotry when we hear it and demand Justice for oppressed people through continued anti-racist work and allyship (and encourage others to join on all fronts).

Humanity is becoming aware of our power and interconnection. We are all being called to do deep inner work, to reprogram, rewire, transform, uplift and most importantly, ACT.  We understand now more than ever that reflection, education, acknowledgment must be accompanied with substantive + sustainable action to make change. Below are some of the ways we are committed to lend our assistance and support. The collective wellness of our planet depends on all of us. We vow to continue to do our part to fight for equality and a more conscious tomorrow. 

Gorgeous art by Melissa Koby