Our Story

About us

INDA Creations is a holistic healing company that focuses on the healing powers of nature - plant medicine and crystals. INDA aims to enhance and amplify the wellness journey with tools for healing and symbols of self-care, inspired by Mother Earth. Channeling the healing powers of nature, INDA Creations works in partnership with a family owned farm in Vermont whose natural herbs and flowers are infused in over half of all product offerings.

Today, INDA Creations shares fashionable symbols and nature-inspired products as sources of strength, self-healing and protection. From crystals to plant-based products, INDA’s product line channels reverence for Mother Earth to connect modern journeyers to sources of both inner and worldly healing. And, like Mauro’s chance encounter with her special charm in the woods of Vermont, INDA Creations believes in breathing to life the stories of hope and love that we each carry deep within us. 


Caroline Mauro

After the sudden loss of a close personal friend, Caroline was searching for solace and closure; she unexpectedly came away with a higher purpose when she retreated to the woods of Vermont for support. As she asked for a sign or message from her lost friend, Mauro stumbled upon a small pendant in the exact image of that very friend’s tattoo, and placed it on the necklace she was wearing. Finding renewed strength and personal healing, INDA Creations was born.

Caroline Mauro, the founder and Chief Green Witch of INDA Creations, knows the visual power and emotional influence of curated design with a background in fashion styling and art direction in the Big Apple, New England and beyond. After creating INDA Creations, she was inspired to build another earthly brand, Rewolf Agency, to support heart centered, intentional brands who are making a difference in the world. Having the experience of being a founder and freelancer, she offers her clients and creatives, a relatable, well-rounded holistic approach to marketing, brand building and creativity at large.