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Our intern + resident fashion maven Katarina is at it again, featuring her favorite holiday looks paired with several different bolo wrap styles + crystal options.  We are hyped on her choices of Plaids, Velvets + of course the pant looks she mixed in.  Tis the season!

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We love our bolo's for how versatile they are and the INDAviduality they offer... we change the way we wear them all of the time - based on outfit, necklines, hell, even our mood... because after all, a girl's gotta have options!   To highlight this, we asked our stylish intern Katarina to show us the different ways she rocks her Amazonite bolo (on tan vegan leather)

Back to Basics - Black Leather's + White Tee's
Every Gypsy Queen should have their "Gyspy layers" as we like to call them.  A black leather jacket...

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 Smoking is a social ritual that our ancestors and cultures around the world have passed down generation after generation.  In numerous ancient cultures, smoking played a central role and was associated with numerous meanings.  Over the centuries, smoking has been used for religious rituals, ceremonial purposes, medicine for its potential healing properties, increasing connectedness to nature in others and of course, for enjoyment and relaxation.

Our blends are additive and nicotine free and are not mind altering.  They can help reduce the cravings of

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INDA WANDERS - Tips For Gypsy Living

On any given week, INDA is routinely in different states and some weeks, different parts of the country.  In less than a year - Utah, Vermont and outside of the country, in Nicaragua during our Central America stint with lots of traveling in between. With a caravan full of our open market items, crystals spilling out of every purse and corner and an impermanent place of "home", life on the go can get rough.  

To counter these challenges, we have developed some great survival methods and tips to keep your mind, body and spirit in check, protect your gypsy soul on the road...

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The Bolo Guide - How To Wear + Style Our INDA Bolo Necklaces

"Can you please show us How To Wrap/Style/Wear the Bolo's?!" We heard you, we're listening + now we are delivering....Here it is! Some of the most common ways to wear our Bolo necklace as well some fun + funky stylings.
Drape necklace around your neck. Take the crystal ends together, form a loop and pass the crystal ends through the loop (a simple knot)
Drape necklace around your neck. Take one crystal end and wrap it around your neck again. Make a simple knot but taking...

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